How Infertility Affects A Marriage

This is a question that is commonly asked among women who are approaching their 40’s or already in their 40’s. The fact of the matter is that there are many women who have healthy pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies in their 40’s. So asking if you are too old for a tubal reversal will depend on a few things.

Gob-smacking, I am sure you will agree! Where does she find the time and the energy? As someone asked her this question, she proceeded to cut down her achievements: she ‘only’ works two days per week, it’s easy to bring other kids in to a home full of kids, the councillor role fits around her family duties, and the internet projects are really quite simple and straightforward.

If you’re reading this Pregnancy Miracle review, you’re probably struggling to get pregnant too, just like the 7.3 million women who suffer from infertility. I know what you’re going through – I was one of them too. I’m saying “was” because now I’m a mom of a beautiful 1-year old little girl whom I call my miracle baby and love more than anything in the world. For years I was told by doctors that I couldn’t have children and the chance that I’d be a mother was slim to none. I constantly blamed myself for not being able to create the family me and my husband wanted. We tried IVF Centre in Hyderabad two times and both failed. We just didn’t have the means to keep doing different treatments anymore after I lost my job.

For some women that find out about reversal surgery they feel as though the physician did not tell them everything. If more student physicians were told of the procedure than many more women would be told of the great pregnancy rates that are IVF Centre associated with the surgery.

That’s why natural remedies infertility become so important when nothing else seems to be working. There are all kinds of ways to get pregnant that you may not have considered.

After about a month of shots and sonograms it was time for my eggs to be retrieved. At this point I had a certain amount of eggs that were ready to go. The nurse called me and scheduled my retrieval. Again I was back to taking certain medications for this to happen. I was so nervous. What if something goes wrong? I hope they get enough eggs was all I was thinking. They have to put you under twilight in order for them to do this. It didn’t hurt at all. When I woke up they said everything went well. They were going to call me in a few days with the number of eggs that were retrieved. So we waited for the call.

The days that followed were a blur. I stayed in bed and cried what seemed to be forever. The shades were pulled down, I didn’t answer the phone, and I definitely didn’t go to work. No one was able to console me. I talked to no one. The only one I even let see me was my husband. This lasted for almost 2 weeks. I started getting out of my depression by going to work with my husband. He was the only I felt safe around, I don’t know why. Eventually I worked up enough nerve to call the fertility specialist. To my surprise he had no idea what had happened. We quickly made an appointment to see him. My doctor was so mad at the OB for not contacting him. After all of the work we had gone through to get as far as we did he said there was no reason for us to have lost the twins, not even the first one.

For those considering tubal reversal surgery it is advisable to speak with a tubal reversal surgeon or their staff. If you are informed that you are too old for tubal reversal, don’t be upset. There are surgeons that will tell you this. Just know that there are surgeons that believe that the patient should make their own informed decision. Speak with a tubal reversal staff that will respect your decision and guide you through the process.


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