How To Get Your Students Excited About Learning

May 25, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

This is a guided reading lesson on the book Owen, by Kevin Henkes. The guided reading level is level K. Using this book, students will learn how to go back to the book to find text that supports their answers.

Do any of you remember coloring pictures of settlers at Thanksgiving showing them wearing black and white and having buckles on their clothing? (Have a picture from a coloring book or from the internet ready to show them). Did any of you color pictures such as these for school when you were in Kindergarten or the first grade? Maybe make pictures out of construction paper showing the settlers dressed like this. Give a show of hands.

Kameron is my five year old son. When we travel the back roads of Harris County I occasionally let him slip into my lap and drive the car. He loves this but it literally drives his mother bananas. He places both hands on the wheel and off we go. I believe in letting my children make mistakes so they can learn from them. So, occasionally we leave the road. Sometimes we cross the center line and these are opportunities for me to teach. Sometimes I have to grip the steering wheel to save a good neighbor’s mailbox. Kameron wants me to let go because he thinks he can drive the car without my help.

When you get the call to substitute, the teacher will provide a english teachers, specific instructions and/or materials for that day. Go early enough to scan over these papers and get a feel for your responsibilities. Some students like to test the substitute teacher. They want to see how much she knows about the lesson and/or the teacher’s expectations. The more you prep yourself ahead of time, the better prepared you will feel.

Objectives: Students will be able to read book with fluency and comprehension, and will learn how to go back to the text and locate passages to support their thinking.

At least once a week, clear off your desk. Pack up your papers. Close your books, and take five minutes away from your other responsibilities. Take a few extra deep breaths, long and slow to clear the busy-ness of your mind. Give thanks.

Practice may not be the most fun you’ve ever had in your day but it is the only way that you will get good at your instrument, and this goes for any instrument not just guitar. At the end of the day learning guitar needs to include hours and hours of practice. If you are unwilling to practice, you are probably not going to be very successful at learning the instrument.