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Secondary infertility is a problem faced by 1 out of every 5 new mothers. Although at first, it does not seem like a huge problem and it can be dealt with quite easily, the truth is that it can impact your life just as much as infertility without any children. Secondary infertility not only affects possible long-term plans and dreams but it can destroy a woman’s self-confidence and her idea of femininity. The stress caused by the understanding of not being able to have children can be overbearing and may require professional treatment in severe cases.

FISIOTERAPIA – This ancient Chinese remedy is used to clear the energy pathways that can get blocked and result in ailments such as asthma. This method is extremely popular in China, however less so in Western society because of the use of needles.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Vinegar has long been known and used for its anti inflammatory properties. Apple cider vinegar is especially good for treating inflammation in asthma that can cause wheezing and coughing. The best way to consume it is neat, however mixing it with some water makes it more palatable.

Maternity acupressure or pregnancy acupressure can be followed with simple steps of instructions. So you can do it safely in the comfort of your own home. Many do not know that midwives use this method to lessen the pain and make the labor of the pregnant woman feels lesser pain in the process. It has also been used by millions of people before because it is an ancient art of healing.

What to do: If the Pill is reducing your flow and that bothers you (which isn’t likely), try a different birth control method. If it’s a thyroid problem, you may need meds. See your gyno, who can refer you to an endocrinologist. Otherwise, make sure you are getting at least 2-3 oz of meat or fish several times week. If your vegetarian and don’t want to add meat, bulk up on dark leafy greens.

Moving further east to Japan, into the large burial chambers of the great emperors. Small clay figurines with what look like tattoo markings on their faces have been found. Most likely they were stand-ins for living people to symbolically accompany the dead emperor into the afterlife. These seem to date back to around 2500 BC.

Lastly, practitioners in my field tend to do work gratis on a regular basis, so keep your eyes and ears open. Check the internet, look at the New England School of Acupuncture website, read the papers (especially the ones that are focused on holistic care). Many acupuncturists will host events where they give free treatments to teach the public about acupuncture. Be vigilant, and you will find ample opportunities to maintain your health and well-being in affordable ways.