Tips On How To Hurricane Proof Your Home

Like Santa does, above all, make a list and check it twice, or even three times! Make out the list of items you need to take with you and things you need to take care of well before your vacation. Be as thorough as possible. Go over it again and again just to be sure you have everything. Now, make some copies of that list, just in case. If this is a family vacation, assign everyone in the family a set of separate but reasonable duties. Give each family member their own list, if needed. Also, don’t forget to check the weather forecast for your destination and take this information into consideration when packing.

On the premises you have a large Olympic sized pool, a very fairly sized hot jacuzzi nestled in an adorable corner near the pool. A small staircase leads to the jacuzzi, and surrounding the jacuzzi you have an array of different beautiful tropical plants and trees.

Also located at Viva Wyndham you have 3 restaurant’s to eat at. The Junkanoo (a buffet style dining area), Bambu (Asian/oriental cuisine), or La Trattoria (Italian). I will discuss the different types of foods later on in my review.

Remember to wear a hat, cap, or bonnet to protect your hair from the sun and scalp from getting sunburn. Your hair will lose it shine if it gets burnt by the scorching sun. You can also equip yourself with a pretty umbrella to block a larger about of the sun. There are colorful umbrella’s that are very lightweight and are perfect for use to block the sun when going out. Lately there are many Japanese style giant umbrellas brisbane that are great for blocking the sun. Also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful sun rays.

If someone is coming toward you, hold out your hands in front of you and yell STOP or STAY BACK! Most of the rapists that were interviewed said they’d leave a woman alone if she yelled or showed that she would not be afraid to fight back. Remember, they are looking for an EASY target.

It’s easy to put together. Just about every brick and mortar or online party store has luau theme supplies. Because you have so many choices, it won’t be difficult to find decorations and favors you like.

If you’re going to take your pet to the beach, hydration is imperative. This means you need to have plenty of water for your dog to drink, since drinking water may not be available. Doggie vests or doggie packs can offer a great way for them to carry a bowl and extra water. Make sure that your dog drinks on a regular basis throughout the day at the beach.

Other ways of bringing your venue to life is to take care of the entry way. Placing and decorating topiary trees with blossoms, placed on either side of the entrance is a good idea. Door arches that are flower decorated with your theme color will also stand out. Let your stairways be a focal point by putting some florets pedestals at the bottom.


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