To Affect Real Change In Your Life You Need To Work With Energy At Its Source

Stop what you’re doing. What thoughts are in your head right now? Perhaps you’re thinking about something that happened earlier today. Maybe you’re anticipating something you have planned for tonight. No matter what you’re contemplating, if it’s something other than reading these words with your full attention, chances are you’re not living in the moment.

Allow yourself some time to change your negative It’s not the end. By the way, we all send out vibes whether we’re aware of them or not and they’re either positive or negative. You can tell what kind of vibe you’re giving off by how you FEEL and of course the people in your environment. Remember, everyone simply reflects how you FEEL. If you love yourself then you’ll attract someone who does the same. You must become what you desire!

Just a good vibes few months back I received a call from Amy. We have a brief chat, which soon led to her job application and subsequently the Law of Attraction (LOA).

When you’re miles apart from your partner, there are more temptations to resist. For some, it’s easy to go on a date because it’s easy to deny the betrayal. Other people say their loneliness pushes them to quit the relationship and focus on who they’re with at the moment. The choice to remain faithful or not actually depends on your values. If you truly treasure your partner, you will remain loyal to him/her no matter what.

Just like when you feel positive vibes about a friend or a family member and they get in touch with you, when you feel positive vibes about anything at all, you’re going to be attracting things that you associate with being good.

This is not the first time that I’ve noticed that positive words, good expectations or dreams are not welcome when it comes to work. If I say things like, “I have great expectations for this project!” “This book is the next bestseller!” “Do what you LOVE to do,” “It is a wonderful day and I’m ready to do my job!” I find a lot of people feel uncomfortable and even annoyed. Perhaps “work” is at odds with what we love to do or with our dreams. I understand that we have learned work is something that we HAVE to do to earn a living, and there is no way to enjoy it. This is one of the reasons we spend our lives so unhappy and frustrated.

On the other hand, if you have a cheerful disposition and you’re easy to talk to then he would want to spend more time with you. So if you want to attract boys then you need to have a great personality. He’s going to feel relaxed around you and would even look forward to talking to you again. And it wouldn’t be so hard for him to ask you out on a date!


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