Top Tips For Car Starter Problems

April 17, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

Are you sick and tired of rising gas prices? Would you like to stop paying for expensive gas and save up to 70% on fuel costs at the same time as helping the environment by running a vehicle with cleaner emissions?

Battery acid is tremendously corrosive. Normal Vaseline is suitable and can be used on the battery for preventing corrosion instead of lithium grease.

does reconditioning car batteries really work cant solve an immediate problem like this. But there’s no reason to experience this ever again. Once you learn how to recondition batteries you will always have a healthy battery in your vehicle. How about starting a profitable home business reconditioning batteries? It’s really cheap and easy to do. So let’s look at what’s going on inside that battery.

The second step is to test the battery fluid itself using a hydrometer, (available from your local car repair or hardware store.) Just dip it into each fluid reservoir, and suck a sample of the fluid up into its reservoir. The bulb should float in the green area on its scale. What you should avoid here is getting any of the fluid on your skin or clothes, as it is acidic and may burn. Also, if non-sealed battery has a.030 (sometimes expressed as 30 “points”) or more difference in specific gravity reading between the lowest and highest cell, then you should equalize the battery using a battery electrolyte fluid solution additive. These additives are available on-line or from car parts stores.

You’ve got Verizon, AT&T, whatever. The service extends to your CAR. You get in and just say “John Doe” and your CAR, which now features the phone equipment a part of its “onboard computer,” makes the call. You don’t even NEED a phone! Or even the accessories…okay, that might tick off the phone manufacturers…UNLESS they’re the ones providing the hardware to make this new wonder of automotive technology possible!

Unfortunately everyone has or will deal with a dead battery at some point in their lives. It is really an inconvenience because you are usually away from home or in a hurry when it happens. If you’re lucky, there is someone that can help jump start you or you may have to call a tow truck which could be expensive.

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