A Nice And Spooky Halloween Party Experience

February 6, 2020 Off By Gertrude Evans

Next month, Sandy’s wedding will be held in Sheng An church. She was immersed in a great sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. However wedding invitation bothered her these days. Sandy hope I can give her a unique and personalized idea about wedding invitation. She wants this invitation can share her memorable memories and happy time with others. An idea flash into my mind, wedding DVD slideshow invitation can satisfy her.

The fort and stockade were reproduced in 1976-1977 by the Orange County Parks Department as a bicentennial project. The original fort was located approximately one mile north of Fort Christmas Historical Park on a small creek. Built in 1837 by the United States Army under the orders of General Jesup, the fort was a supply depot in a chain of forts constructed along the St. Johns River during a winter campaign against the Seminole Indians.

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First, it will strengthen the lifesome and warm atmosphere of family reunion. We can collect photos from Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Auntie, Brother, etc, and then make them a DVD movie played on our big TV. When they come to our party, they must be touched by the vivid show. Happy moment comes! Right?

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The park also has a gift shop. Items for sale include Pioneer and Native American toys, jewelry, crafts, books and candy. All proceeds benefit Fort Christmas Historical Park. Now located in the new Visitors Center, the shop is open Mon.-Sat.: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. It is closed on Sunday.