Choosing Topics For Your Mlm Website Or Blog – Part 1

September 16, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

When you see him do you accept the connection? I actually run the other way! When we are looking for valuable connections we check them out. Who are they? What do they do? Where can I learn more? So don’t be Mr. Blank! Here are 7 easy steps to creating the best social profile!

Most Internet-savvy people already have some of form of personal blog, but did you know what some websites would actually pay you to write and maintain a blog? Like my profile -for-pay websites are becoming more and more common, and offer their users a wide variety of monetary incentives.

Over 85% of American women have a social profile. 95% of the 85% are found on Facebook. That leaves 5% to Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and only 15% that don’t use any type of social media.

In order to make an attractive site you should be creative. Creative or Innovative means that you are capable to generate exclusive and attractive written content for your website. It also means that the design of your website will be eye-catching and something exceptional in the internet ! Specially for the articles you will write for your site, you need to do your best as lots of internet marketers say that if you know how to write, you can make cash online.

Put your content and links on the site. Sometimes, you will be able to submit an article (hubpages, squidoo, etc), other times you will only be able to change your status and post a link in status (twitter, hi5, etc) and other times bookmark it (digg, mister wong etc). Example: We are going to choose hubpages. we will build an article (a good quality article) that has links to our new personal blog posts. We will build for a week or two, each and every they a new hub pointing to our new posts.

It’s the reason why smart marketers drive traffic to their personal blog or personal fan page, instead of driving traffic to their company’s replicated site.

When you want to make money fast online, the most important thing to remember is that the best option is to make use of tools you already have. Do not waste time building new websites or buying new software. Instead, use what you have and get started making money online. You can blog, advertise, refer, and lead people to businesses, all of which can happen without a large amount of time getting started.