How To Build A Water Garden Fountain

April 4, 2020 Off By Gertrude Evans

Water fountains bring soothing sounds and interesting focal points to our environments. Their ability to reduce stress and help people relax has made them a favorite for interior designers and garden planners for years. No matter which fountain you choose, you are sure to enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

The majestic lion is also embodied in works of art like sketches, paintings and sculpture. Perhaps the most familiar work of art wherein you can see the sculpted head of a Lion is in a wall fountain.

There are many options in adding water to your property, from small garden fountains to huge đài phun nước sân vườn masterpieces From Stone to Fiberglass, there are quite a few different materials you can choose from. Stone tends to be pricy, heavy, but very long lasting. Fiberglass is a great option, especially for a small fountain that you perhaps will be moving someday.

Next, you want to connect some PVC pipe to the pump so water will rise up out of the rocks. Black PVC pipe for sprinklers is the best at concealing your setup, but its also expensive so you make the choice. This way you won’t have to worry about kids or pets getting in the way.

Now take your fountain pot and test fit it by feeding it down over the tube and placing it on top of the base pot. If everything looks good (it should be plumb and level with the tube sticking out the top higher than the height of the pot) you can take off the fountain pot and run two thick beads of silicon around the top of the base pot. Run one bead towards the outside to help hold the pots together and one on the inside to keep water from running in between the two pots.

Single column rock fountain: In this type of a fountain, there is a single piece of rock that is beautifully sculpted and water flows over it. This type of fountain gives a very modern look to your interiors. This is very easy to maintain too.

If you bought your backyard water fountain in a store, it should tell you what size pump you need, if it doesn’t come with the fountain. If your making your own, you should try to estimate so that every inch of width you add, you have about 100 gallons per hour being pumped. Remember elevation will also affect how much water you are pumping. Many newer pumps can be adjusted or turned down, but not much.