It’s Time We Prepare Emergency Food

March 8, 2020 Off By Gertrude Evans

There is a trend these days to stock your kitchen with as many spices as possible. Every chef on television has their own spice blends, and if you want to be able to copy their style, you have to buy their spices, right? The problem is, most of these spices go unused and forgotten. Unless you are a chef, the most these designer spices do for you is take up space in your cabinets. What spices do you really need in a kitchen? Here are five of the hardest-working spices you can buy.

You should drain all of your hoses when you are not using them in the winter. A failure to do this may result in freezing and bursting of the exterior piping and the interior pipes that attach to them. Garage hookups that stay above the freezing mark are safe places to leave connected.

Try to draw as much water as you can and use every container possible. Separate them by drinking water and usable water. It is a well-known fact that if you leave your containers open until they reach room temperature and then close them, they will help maintain heat longer. If you have a fireplace, stack on fire logs, as well as other materials that burn, like newspapers, etc.

When putting together your emergency preparedness kit you must consider what kinds and how much food stuff you want to put away. You may be thinking short term as in a weeks worth out to one year supply. When making a purchase many people opt for the ready made food supply packages that can give you everything for a family of four, as an example. This can be a good way to go for some but it can be expensive and it may include items you don’t really want.

As you prepare and ready yourself for wilderness survival, knowing how all your gear works and what it is used for is essential. A wilderness survival kit should include many items. A small fishing kit can be used to secure food. A folding shovel, work gloves, and a wire saw will all be needed. Metal cups and other durable cooking gear are helpful. A signal mirror and a whistle can be used for rescue. Water and wind proof matches, quick tinder, and candles will all be used. It is important that your equipment is all well made and reliable. Never settle for cheap survival gear.

A stomach virus can hit at any time, and getting to the store may not be an option, especially with a child who may loose their stomach contents at any time. To avoid calling friends and family, and possibly spreading the virus to them, making an Preparedness Kit for your children is the best way to start helping your child feel better right away.

With a source of propane it’s a simple matter to plumb in a portable tankless water heater that will let you enjoy that long hot shower. Of course with society left many miles behind you propane may become a little scarce.

Of course, staying in your home and waiting for the storm to pass might not be an option if the government decides to issue evacuation orders. It is critical that you always comply with these proclamations and do not attempt to ride out the storm on your own. Make a list of relatives and friends who live a few hours away that you could potentially stay with under these circumstances. Leaving your home will be much more stressful if you do not have a destination planned out. If everyone you might stay with is in the affected area, then you might have to go to whatever facilities the government has set up to take shelter. Get your emergency food storage here.