John Scott Guitarist, Vocalist, Saxophone Entertains At Area Retirement Centers

May 8, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

When people think of jazz music today, if they think of it at all, they think of greats like Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. They think of Charlie “Bird” Parker and his amazing feats with the saxophone. Some think of John Coltrane and the paths he created with his sax. That is, indeed, what modern jazz has become. Wynton Marsalis owes much of his sound to people like Diz, Miles and Trane. However, before any of those people could become what they became and taken the music to where it is today, there had to be a man name Jelly Roll Morton.

Now, use a saxophone cookie cutter to cut out the Saxophone on the sheet cake. Simply press the cookie cutter in like you would cookie dough. Pop the saxophone out and lay them on a flat surface.

Today with cut backs in schools and discretionary funds for lessons it seems we need to hone in on what is really important and unique to our children. We should watch for clues.

Even though there are tons of music apps for iPad, not each application is great and useful for playing music. I found such apps as iCanBass, iGuitar Free, Guitar and the free version of WI Guitar Free pretty useless.

Dr. James Hartway has been a constant on the Detroit classical music scene for decades. An assortment of Detroit musicians will perform a variety of his chamber music compositions.

Thursday, July 7, 2011 – ‘We The Kings’ Performance and Meet and Greet 4pm – 8pm Live performance and meet and greet with MTV Video and Teen Choice Award nominated group We The Kings.

Update: The “boy” just took his medical school entrance exams. He was deciding between majoring in music or medicine and came to the conclusion that a doctor can play jazz on weekends without a license, but jazzmen who play doctor on weekends get in trouble.