Medicare Supplement Insurance, It’s All About The Cost!

August 26, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

One of the biggest challenges when designing a marketing plan is how to create a successful insurance telemarketing script. Agent usually end up with a lot of poor advice that leads to frustration and ultimately and unsuccessful campaign. In fact, the average insurance agents stops their telemarketing campaign within the first five hours.

Really, it doesn’t have to be that bad. The truth of the matter is that all the Parts A – L are standardized. That means they are all the same no matter what company you choose to get them from. If you’re shaking your head here and wondering what the heck, hang on for one minute. Although the Plans are standardized, the price the Plans are sold for isn’t.

In order to get any other program, you must opt for Part B. Once you get your Part B, you then qualify for the supplemental plans. There are two basic plans to choose from. You can choose either a pre set appointments final expense leads or a Medicare Advantage plan. Supplements have been available since the 1990’s, and the Advantage plans were created in 2003.

Next use an eraser to clear your mind of all previously training given to selling sophisticated life and financial products. Take your bulging brief case and put it somewhere you don’t mind it gathering dust. Cover your computer if you desire, you won’t be using it for work purposes. Buy a binder with pockets and put in a few “guides to Medicare” from the government, along with a legal pad, and a few sales brokerage product brochures.

When cancer strikes, people need money! Even though Medicare and most medicare supplements will pick up the bulk of the medical bills, there are still expenses that aren’t thought of such as travel and food expenses. Selling just one cancer plan per week can substantially increase your bottom line.

It’s enough to choke anybody especially since, for most of us, our retirement income is just a fraction of what we made when we were working. I have met a lot of people who’ve said to me that they simply cannot retire because they cannot afford it. There is no savings, no retirement plan, no 401k, just work. For such people, dreams of travel, golf courses, leisurely reading or writing, and spending more time with the grandchildren go unnoticed. There simply isn’t time, energy or money to do them, and life is so expensive and so demanding that they just have to keep on working.

Another important consideration is dependent coverage. What if you’re spouse is on the group plan under you as the primary insured? This brings yet another wrinkle into play. If they’re in good health, you may be able to get individual/family insurance for them and then go on Medicare (assuming it makes financial sense). If they have health issues, they may have a Cobra option but only to 18 months (sometimes 36 months). This may change in 2014 but you can expect the cost to change as well (higher). Again, there are many considerations when looking at Group coverage versus Medicare. Of course, we’re happy to help go over your particular situation when you run your Medicare supplement quote.