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July 2, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

If someone had a switch that would automatically change someone’s mind and heart they would be rich beyond imagination. Divorces are ugly, nasty things – and that’s only if children are not involved. When you add kids to the mix they become downright scary most of the time.

After graduation, instead of working in a school, I was able to use the combined bachelor’s degree in psychology and my master’s degree to work at a counseling agency. The hotline training I received at Fredonia suddenly became very useful. My concentration in law was invaluable for working with cases involving law guardians and the courts. Even my minor in English was useful for writing articles for the agency in the local newspaper and writing grants. The bottom line is that you never really know where the skills you learned at 20 will come in handy.

In psychology, I did two important things; I took a 40 hour training program which allowed me to work for two years as a hotline crisis counselor, and I did a major research project my senior year. Both of these extra learning experiences gave me hands-on experience.

Many universities specify that you will need to do 60 semester hours of course work to get your degree in education. But don’t feel disappointed. There are universities which will help you to do your course work at a faster pace if you wish to finish it at a fast. Like in a traditional system an online bachelor degree in education will also help to face a class room with confidence and become an excellent teacher. The degree that you get online will be given an equal footage with the degree that is acquired under the traditional class room system.

The agent was ecstatic when she discovered she was interested and even more so when she (my friend) mentioned she was training in this field and, indeed, did significant personal development work.

It may not seem to be the greatest idea at first sight. However, it may save you quite a bit. You can apply for undergraduate online psychology first. After graduating from this psychology school get down to work. There are a lot of job choices for psychology students with Bachelors degree. Doing this you will be able to earn some money for you further education. Moreover, it will give you a chance to better evaluate in what area of psychology you want to specialize. This way you can get a better vision of your future. Eventually, you may decide that undergraduate psychology school is enough for you and you don’t have to pay for higher degree.

Now that you have decided to earn a college degree online, it is time to explore the different bachelors degree online that are being offered by online colleges. See which of them will suit you.

Check out the accreditation of the online psychology colleges that you have in your list. See which of them adheres to the requirements of the accrediting agencies. If the online college is accredited, for sure you are getting the best PhD psychology online course. You can do this by checking out the accreditation body’s website and see if the online psychology college claims matches the information in the accrediting agency’s website.