Things To Check Before Choosing An Organic Crib Mattress

January 31, 2020 Off By Gertrude Evans

Around 10,000 infants and toddlers are injured in a baby crib and/or a playpen each year. Many of these injuries occurred among infants and toddlers that were in age range one to two years of age. This is the general age of children that are attempting to climb out of their playpen and/or crib. These children at this age are ready to explore more of their surroundings and seem to be more active. Many of these children may be tall enough to transfer into a toddler bed style position. Here are a few things for parents to remember to reduce many types of crib injury among infants and toddlers.

Coming to the mattress, organic crib mattress is something that is the best for your baby. Since it has been especially designed for babies, you can be sure that the designer did everything right, keeping even the intricate necessities of babies in mind. The skin of babies is very fragile and the mattress should be such that it protects the baby’s skin. Organic mamadoo mattress reviews does just that.

This mattress from Serta features a good amount of support. Serta used layers of Polyester. They have also incorporated 4 vents to allow air to seep inside the mattress and regulate temperature. This way, your baby will not suffer from night sweats.

First of all, it does not provide strong support to the body of a baby. Studies say that softer mattress can actually contribute to SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Up to this point, no one can still explain why it happens. However, most experts agree that a mattress with just the right amount of firmness and comfort can prevent this from happening.

Another option is to buy baby furniture in sets. This will save you time in looking for matching individual pieces. Buying baby furniture sets is also a lot cheaper than buying the furniture individually. The design of the babys room can be worked around the furniture that will be bought. The baby industry is the fastest growing retail industry to date. As such you will find a lot of products selection in the market. The choices may seem endless. The internet is an excellent source for buying quality baby furniture. You can do your shopping online in the comfort of your home and have the items delivered right to your doorstep. No longer will you need to walk from store to store to search for furniture for your bundle of joy.

First, one easy trick is to use a saline spray. Just spray a small amount of saline in your baby’s nose, then use a bulb syringe to suck out built up mucus. Try this technique to remedy stuffiness before every feeding for best results, but avoid doing it after a feeding because it may cause vomiting.

When shopping, make sure the label says organic and non-toxic as much as possible. This will limit your babys’ contact with many harmful chemicals as reduce many health problems from occurring. If you can smell it, your baby is also breathing it and chances are it is unhealthy. Making your nursery healthy is easy, and it really should be the “greenest” room in the house.