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Okay, most you already know that the Pharmacy Entrance Exam or the PCAT, tests you on your knowledge not only on the sciences but your ability to read, comprehend, analyze, and write. Most students will take the PCAT whenever and then will cry to their mother (or father) how poorly they did on the exam. Well, you deserved it if you just randomly picked a date from a hat or whenever you could take this important test. Choosing a test date requires careful planning. Those who fail to plan may not do well on the PCAT and this may hurt your chance of admissions to the pharmacy school of your dream.

First of all, you will work with some bad pharmacists from time to time. Maybe they do certified pharmacy tech make you do more than your comfortable with. Maybe they are jerks. It could be any number of things. But you have to get over that. Being subordinate to the pharmacist is part of your job – and your job description.

In the case of 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, it is a solid (versus being in a solution). This means that the percent is weight in weight. We now know that the cream is 2.5 parts hydrocortisone in 97.5 parts of other stuff (inert ingredients also known as excipients). This is typically expressed in grams or (g). Therefore, if you had 100 grams of 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, then you have 2.5 grams of hydrocortisone and 97.5 grams of a cream base and other excipients. If you had 30 grams of hydrocortisone cream, you would multiply 30 grams by 0.025 (or 2.5%) to obtain 0.75 grams of hydrocortisone and 29.25 grams of cream base and other excipients.

Benefits: Most of the time when you are a technician you’ll be working for larger corporations. And, as such, they are used to paying benefits for their employee’s. Sometimes the benefits are extraordinary.

Why not do the same thing for charterhealthcaretraining? There are 3 main reasons why this system may or may not work. I am going to offer you 3 possible reasons. It is up to you to come up with the possible answers.

You can also expect that you will have to spend a number of hours going through this training. The length of the training can vary with the program but you should reasonably expect to spend 3 months to a year doing this training part time.

By keeping all these different advantages in mind, you should quickly see that there is a lot of value to getting a Pharmacy Tech Certification. Perhaps now is the time to stop reading and get started on the path to getting certified.