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August 21, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

My nephew, age 17, has been home-schooled all his life. I visited my sister’s family last week for the first time in years and realized my nephew is extremely sheltered and has no social skills. When I wanted to take a walk with him, my sister was nervous because she never lets him go anywhere without her. Taking him to Starbucks I realized that he had never ordered for himself before and had no idea how to talk to the cashier. My sister and her husband do not let the boy watch TV, go outside alone, or have friends. What should I do about this? Should I say something to my sister or not get involved?

I approximate all my expenses for the month and then I WRITE THEM DOWN: BILLS, FOOD, INSURANCE… for the month. Every Monday, I sit down and make any adjustments to my projections…It takes about one hour out of the day. And when you’ve written everything down, take a look at what’s essential and what you can start spending less on. Remember that little changes payoff! BIG TIME!!

Research shows that EQ in a commercial environment may actually be significantly more important than information processing abilities and technical expertise combined. In fact, some studies indicate that EQ is more than twice as important as standard IQ abilities. Furthermore, evidence increasingly shows that the higher one goes in an organization, the more important EQ can be. For those in leadership positions, emotional intelligence skills are believed to account for close to 90 percent of what distinguishes outstanding leaders from those judged as average. IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted.

The best Coach is actually a Politician. Someone who wants their own way, who has authority, and who has the motivation to get things done. It’s this element that Miller Heiman and other sales processes miss.

Generally speaking, I found the men and women to be emotionally weak and lacking self confidence; especially if their parent or parents gave them all they needed and wanted even in their adult life. They were not taught to be considerate of others and did not understand what was wrong and how to fix the problem. They also often did not know how to manage their finances.

Make a list of the top three concerns to you. Understand where you truly want to make changes, and then make efforts towards finding ways to change yourself in your everyday life. A lot of people want to lose weight, learn another language, or improve their homeschool teaching. Whatever it is you want to do, keep in mind that you are going to have to make efforts starting today. As soon as you write down what you want to change about yourself start writing down how you are going to actually do it. Then start making the steps necessary to become a new you.

If you’re concerned about your nephew, go ahead and get involved. But don’t get your hopes up. These days, most home-schoolers understand the importance of social – as well as academic – development. Your sister’s isolation of her son has put him at a huge disadvantage relative to other children his age. At some point he’ll want to buy a Big Mac, drive a car, ask a girl on a date, or get a job. And unless something changes, he won’t be prepared.

By learning to work with your introverted personality, you can enjoy being social, and still have the energy to feel that deep sense of self that makes you an introvert. Just work to slowly develop your social skills so that you can engage others when you feel up to it.