Truths About Spread Betting

February 8, 2020 Off By Gertrude Evans

This trading strategy is a simple way of building long term wealth because there is no correlation in the market between the complexity of an indicator or method and its success.

The way to make money fast is to buy and sell currencies online – Before you say I could never do that, let me tell you a story that will change your mind.

Today I got to see what the school I am working in is really like. I had been warned that the teachers were mean and constantly yelled at the children, but I had no idea how true this is. It seems as if the teacher shortage in London has forced poorly funded to hire teachers who are not only unqualified in terms of education but teachers who also lack any experience in dealing with children and their special needs, emotions, and habits.

It’s a fact anyone can avoid the myths and seek out the best Forex education and learn the right knowledge – but not all traders have the mindset to succeed.

Towards the end of my time with this class the teacher abruptly said “I think you all need this,” and turned on a video explaining the Christian story of creation. The story detailed how wicked human beings are and said that, “when we make our own choices and do not let God make them for us, we are surely damned.” At first I was shocked because I was told the school was 50% Muslim. Then the teacher said that next month they would be learning about Hinduism. I was relieved to know they were not trying to influence the children’s’ religion. But the teacher did imply that the children needed to hear the word of the Christian god.

Listen to me very closely. This is very important. 90% of traders lose money in the market not because they don’t know what to do. They lose money because they don’t have the emotional discipline to do what they know they should. If you have a basic understanding of technical analysis you can devise a Automated Trading Bot plan that is 80% as effective as the best trading programs ever devised. The question becomes, will you have the discipline to follow it.

Today was my best day yet. Today I worked with a class of six year olds and a substitute teacher. I cannot praise this teacher enough. He used a non-confrontational tone and treated the kids with respect while still being an authority. The rest of the teachers in this school could learn a lesson from him. Their problems with compliance would be solved because somehow the children sensed that there was a mutual respect and were quiet when he asked.

I almost feel bad cutting things off here. Naturally we have not even begun to scratch the surface of trader psychology and the steps necessary to control our emotions. But I hope I have given you some good ideas to help get you started off on the right foot. Until next time, good luck and good trading.