What Is The Difference Between Monthly Contacts And Continuous Wear Contact Lenses?

September 19, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

When you go to bed at night and every time wake up in the morning, you probably say a little prayer of thanks for all the things you were blessed with. You may have or you may not have thanked for your good health part of which of course includes your eyesight. You are definitely feeling blessed that you have a good vision but just like other part of you have you had it checked lately? Taking care of your eyesight is just as important as any part of you so a regular check must be done. Yet a lot of people go and have check ups but not their eyesight. Just because you are not experiencing any symptoms that needs for it to be checked, you still must have a regular check up for them.

For years, I wanted to earn a living speaking, and I really wanted it. However, it wasn’t until I committed my thoughts to writing that things started happening. After having presented a blueprint of what I wanted to my mind, my RAS began to notice the people, places, and situations that would be needed to make my goal come alive. It’s important to note, that there were no more opportunities for me at that time than at any other time in my life. They had always been there. The BIG difference was that now I was noticing them. And THAT is the difference that makes the difference.

The second factor is that normal eye muscle loses firmness over time. Which adds the sagginess to the skin around your eyes and makes it look even darker.

About five months later, this woman started having difficulty seeing out of one of her eyes. She thought she needed eyeglasses. She went to her local eyeglass store where an visioneyehealthgoldcoast.com.au examined her and gave her a prescription for eyeglasses. He noticed something in the eye that was troubling her and suggested she see an eye doctor for further evaluation. Shortly afterward, she made an appointment with a local eye doctor who also noticed something abnormal. By this time, her vision was getting worse by the day. It got so bad that this woman could barely see anything out of her eye. Her eye doctor ordered an MRI.

The National Center for Health Statistics estimates that about 25 percent of children enter school with vision problems that can impede their school progress. Almost 50 percent of children with learning difficulties have vision problems, and up to 94 percent of children with reading problems have reduced visual skills.

If your child’s grades have dropped, and you and the teacher can’t figure out the reason, it may be caused by a problem with your son’s/daughter’s vision. Poor vision can prevent them from doing their best work.

This process is going to take time and like any new process it is going to take you time to get use to it. Be patient and don’t beat yourself up over your numbers being out of control. You will get through this just like the rest of us got through it.

I urge you to have your children’s vision evaluated by a developmental optometrist as soon as possible, particularly if your children are having learning difficulties or if vision problems run in your family. Such an evaluation can only work for good. If a problem is discovered, you can begin working to correct it. If no problem is identified, you will have ruled out one possible cause of learning difficulties. That, too, is worthwhile.