Your Valentine Bedroom: Make Room For Romance With Feng Shui

June 12, 2019 Off By Gertrude Evans

Did you know that focused attention to any one of the five senses brings you physiologically into the present? Where your body leads, your mind will follow. When one of your senses is consciously engaged you can feel you body relax, if you are paying attention, and that will calm you. You will actually feel better. The body always feels better when it is relaxed. In this mental space, your attractor factor is turbo charged!

What I mean to tell is that romantic love is a poor basis for a marriage. In a long relationship, Mumbai Escort, sex and passion are pretty different to how they are in the initial states.

While the coffee shop just around the corner might, in your opinion, serve the best cup of Joe within a 30-mile radius of where you live, if it is a place that you and your ex used to frequent often, then it might be best for you to try home brewing for awhile. Anywhere that you and your ex used to spend a lot of time together will only remind you of the times you spent there together. Now is a good time to try something new. Give some other restaurants and local social spots a try. Who knows, you might even find something great that you’d been missing all along.

But after this period you two had a lot of time together, things are starting to change. You start to see that your husband/wife doesn’t use a very elevate vocabulary, maybe she/he is not very interested in making a career like you supposed to, and eventually he/she has not to many qualities that you have expected in your life partner. You wake up from that state of hypnosis, you are starting to panic and argues are starting to be more and more frequent. It takes a good amount of time since you can accept that you have made a mistake. What’s next? Divorce I suppose.

Prepare your gift for her with the bouquet of red roses with an accent of her favorite flower. And if everything is ready and there is still enough time before your dinner, you can use the time to prepare yourself very well to add the good look you already have. And when she arrived, do what you have planned for that date and surprise her in a way that she will truly be delighted. After your dinner you can guide her to a vacant space and dance together with the beat of the music you have prepared. And together watch the stars after you have your dinner.

You know what? Life is too short to deny yourself the simple pleasures, and sometimes we want to treat ourselves to a little entertainment, so why can’t we? We are all adults!

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